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Keep your fleet moving smoothly with our durable transport hoses, tailored for reliability in demanding conditions.

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In the dynamic and essential transport sector, Hardie Hose offers a diverse range of high-quality PVC, rubber and silicone hose, and all fittings and clamps essential for trailers, trucks, buses, heavy vehicles, and various other transport applications. We also stock a wide range of SAE J844 nylon tubing and the associated push-in air brake fittings.

Hardie Hose specialises in the supply, crimping, and repairing of high-pressure hydraulic hose tailored to meet the demanding requirements of heavy vehicles.

These critical components play an instrumental role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of transportation systems, where reliability, performance, and adherence to stringent standards are paramount considerations.

Pneumatic hoses for supplying compressed air to the truck

Solutions for the Transport Industry

Trailer manufacturers, transport operators, and fleet managers rely on Hardie Hose for the parts and fittings necessary to build, maintain, and optimise their fleets. The expertise and high-quality products offered by our team at Hardie Hose are pivotal in this sector, where the durability and reliability of components directly impact vehicle safety and operational efficiency.

With a focus on compliance and safety, we maintain a steadfast commitment to ensuring that all our hose and fittings meet and exceed the specific industry standards and regulations of the transport sector. By adhering rigorously to these standards, we help our customers mitigate potential liabilities associated with non-compliant parts, and ensure that vehicles equipped with our products operate smoothly, reliably, and safely.

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By providing tailored, comprehensive solutions and our customer-centric approach, we continue to collaborate closely with industry partners and leverage our technical expertise. Our dedication to quality, reliability, and top-notch customer service extends across a broad spectrum of transport applications, including trailers, semi-trucks, buses, and heavy machinery utilised in logistics, freight transport, and passenger transport operations. 

With an ongoing awareness of industry advancements and a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of transport professionals, we strive to support the sustainability and resilience of transport networks throughout Australia.

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