Automotive Hoses

Drive with confidence—our automotive hoses provide the reliability and safety your vehicle demands.

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Hardie Hose supplies a comprehensive range of high-quality rubber, and silicone hose, and associated fittings and clamps essential for various automotive applications. As a trusted supplier, we uphold stringent standards to ensure that critical components, such as fuel lines, vacuum washer and nylon tube, not only meet, but exceed, industry requirements for durability, reliability, and safety in varied automotive applications.

Automobile manufacturers, assembly plants, and automotive repair facilities rely on our team members to deliver aftermarket fittings that are crucial for vehicle assembly, maintenance, and repair operations. The expertise and product reliability we offer are fundamental in the automotive sector, where the performance and longevity of components directly impact: 

  • Vehicle safety 
  • Operational efficiency
  • Compliance with stringent industry standards and regulations.
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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Recognizing the critical importance of compliance, we ensure that all hose and fittings adhere to specific automotive standards. This mitigates potential liabilities and ensures that vehicles equipped with our components will operate smoothly and reliably. 

Our dedication to excellence in automotive applications is further reflected in our ability to provide tailored solutions, technical expertise, and customization services that precisely address the unique needs of our customers – automobile manufacturers, assembly plants, and aftermarket suppliers.

The Hardie Hose Experience

With a customer-focussed approach and a commitment to continuous improvement, Hardie Hose provides a mix of innovation and reliability for automotive hose and fitting solutions. Our team’s proactive engagement with industry advancements, and dedication to meeting evolving customer needs reveal our desire to support the automotive industry from the ground up.

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