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Our commitment to excellence ensures that every hose we supply delivers superior performance, durability, and reliability. 

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Our Product Range

At Hardie Hose, we are Australia’s premier hose wholesalers, offering a comprehensive range of high-quality hoses and fittings for diverse industries. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every hose we supply delivers superior performance, durability, and reliability.

  • Food-Grade Hose:

    Through the supply of PVC and rubber food-grade hoses, fittings, and clamps, Hardie Hose supports manufacturers and suppliers in meeting relevant food safety and operational efficiency requirements. Our products are designed to meet stringent hygiene and safety standards, ensuring compliance with FDA regulations and preventing cross-contamination.

  • Hydraulic Hose:

    Specialising in high-pressure hydraulic hose supply, crimping, and repair, Hardie Hose provides tailored solutions for heavy vehicles and industrial equipment. Our extensive range of hydraulic hose tails and adaptors ensures optimal performance and longevity, balancing affordability and reliability.

  • Agricultural Hose:

    Hardie Hose supports the agricultural sector with a wide range of durable PVC and rubber hoses, fittings, and clamps. From washdown systems to irrigation setups, our products are designed to withstand the toughest farming environments, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

  • Construction Hose:

    We provide rapid and efficient solutions for the construction sector, offering high-quality hydraulic hoses and fittings essential for excavators, cranes, and other heavy machinery. Our focus on fast turnaround times minimizes equipment downtime, ensuring seamless operation on job sites.

  • Irrigation Hose:

    Essential for water transfer and efficient irrigation systems, our hoses and fittings are engineered to withstand harsh Australian agricultural conditions. Our solutions ensure consistent water flow and operational reliability, helping farmers optimize water management and reduce resource usage.

  • Marine Hose:

    In the dynamic marine industry, Hardie Hose supplies marine-grade hoses, fittings, valves, and clamps that ensure optimal performance and durability. Our products meet stringent safety and compliance standards, providing reliable solutions for fuel transfer and fluid containment in marine operations.

  • Automotive Hose:

    We offer a comprehensive range of high-quality rubber and silicone hoses for various automotive applications. Our products meet stringent industry standards, ensuring vehicle safety and operational efficiency for manufacturers, assembly plants, and repair facilities.

  • Transport Hose:

    Serving the transport sector, Hardie Hose provides high-quality PVC, rubber, and silicone hoses, along with essential fittings and clamps for trailers, trucks, buses, and heavy vehicles. Our focus on compliance and safety ensures reliable and efficient operation of transportation systems.


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We've been using Hardie Hose for a while now, the biggest reason for the switch was their personable service and their willingness to go the extra mile when getting us hard to find fittings we needed. I would recommend Hardie hose to anyone.

James Curtin
James Curtin

Hardie Hose is a great business with helpful customer service and great pricing. Quality products and a range that suits our needs.

Debbie Willis
Debbie Willis

We are a wholesale customer of Hardie Hose in regional Victoria, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Great product knowledge and if they don’t have it, they will try and source it for you. Excellent prices and great customer service. Will definitely be using these guys for years to come.

Stacey Rethus
Stacey Rethus

Excellent product range of industrial hose and fittings. Friendly staff and professional advice.

Shaun Johnson
Shaun Johnson