Hoses for Agriculture

Durable and efficient, our agricultural hoses are built to withstand the toughest farming environments.

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Hardie Hose plays a vital role in supporting the agricultural sector by providing a wide range of PVC and rubber hose, fittings and clamps designed for farm applications. From washdown systems, to fuel delivery and irrigation setups, we offer durable and reliable solutions that contribute to the efficiency and productivity of farms across different environments and climate conditions.

We stock an extensive range of industrial brass, stainless, and poly fittings, like camlocks, that enable us to find the right solutions that ensure optimal performance within the Australian agricultural industry.

We collaborate closely with key stakeholders within the agriculture industry to ensure that farming life operates reliably and efficiently, regardless of the challenging conditions encountered in fieldwork or during transportation on public roads. The team at Hardie Hose understands the unique requirements of the agricultural industry and tailors its products to meet our customers’ specific needs for seamless operation of farm equipment and machinery.

Hoses of modern hydraulic machine

Solutions for Agriculture

As a trusted partner to resellers serving the agricultural sector, Hardie Hose delivers comprehensive solutions that will address your diverse needs.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond product supply. We provide ongoing support and service to ensure that farmers and agricultural businesses receive reliable solutions that enhance operational efficiency and reduce downtime. By offering dependable products that withstand the rigours of farm work, Hardie Hose plays a crucial role in maximising productivity and maintaining the integrity of agricultural operations.

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By creating strong partnerships with resellers and agricultural professionals, Hardie Hose remains at the forefront of supporting the evolving needs of the agricultural sector. Our focus on quality, durability, and customer satisfaction underscores our role as a trusted supplier of hoses and fittings that contribute to the sustainability of farms and agricultural businesses.

Our commitment to provide the essential hoses and fittings for agriculture, coupled with our emphasis on quality and innovation, makes Hardie Hose a reliable partner for farmers, resellers, and agricultural stakeholders. Through collaborative efforts and tailored solutions, we aim to contribute to the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of agricultural operations, helping to drive productivity and success in the field.

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 Enhance the efficiency and reliability of your agricultural equipment with Hardie Hose’s durable PVC and rubber hose solutions. From irrigation to fuel delivery and washdown systems, we offer specialised fittings and clamps designed to withstand challenging farm conditions.

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