Hoses for Food Manufacturing

Ensuring safety and purity, our food-grade hoses are designed specifically for the rigorous demands of food manufacturing

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Through the supply of PVC and rubber food-grade hose, fittings and clamps, Hardie Hose supports manufacturers and suppliers to ensure they meet relevant food safety and operational efficiency requirements. Our wide range of hoses and additional components meet different temperature and pressure requirements, dependent on each application.

Food-and-drink-related businesses rely on us to provide the best-suited hoses, fittings, and assemblies to suit our customers’ needs. With over twenty-plus-years of experience, we understand the unique challenges faced by the food and beverage industry: 

  • Meet FDA regulatory requirements for human consumption  
  • Uphold product quality 
  • Maintain cleanliness 
  • Prevent cross-contamination 
  • Ensure efficiency of operations
  • Ensure consumer safety. 

All our PVC and rubber food-grade hoses are designed and manufactured to meet the stringent hygiene and safety standards required in Australian food processing and manufacturing environments.

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The Hardie Hose Experience

The Hardie Hose team offer comprehensive expertise and technical support to assist food-related businesses in selecting the most suitable hoses and fittings for their specific applications. This personalised approach ensures that customers have access to solutions that suit their individual needs and challenges. In consultation with our customers, we determine the right high-quality food-grade hoses and fittings for each specific application in their business.  

By staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we remain a trusted provider of solutions that meet the evolving needs and regulatory requirements of the food processing and manufacturing sector.

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